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The Aisle is a custom designed co-working community for those of us who are involved in Hong Kong's diverse and growing Wedding industry. Unlike other workspaces which merely provide you with a desk and a printer, The Aisle is designed to be an industry-specific ecosystem, where our creative residents and entrepreneurs can come together, share ideas and resources, and build on our collective passion to build, innovate, and expand our businesses.
The Aisle was founded by vendors for vendors. Through our interactions with a wide range of vendors, we observed that most Wedding industry vendors in Hong Kong mostly operate in individual silos with a very low level of collaboration and innovation. In the end, there were so many synergies that were being forgone that it was difficult for businesses to achieve their full potential. The key takeaway was that we need to talk and share ideas in order to truly develop innovative wedding products, services, and solutions. 
In a city such as Hong Kong where space is limited, it is often difficult to find a suitable space at a reasonable cost. The Aisle, through efficient economies of scale, allows us to provide all our vendors with the full range of fully equipped facilities. 
Our state-of-the-art facility offers everything you need in order to get started - meeting rooms, comfortable workstations, collaboration spaces, event spaces, snack and drinks, and the full range of office facilities. Of course, the true value of our space lies in the community, events, networking, and mentorship, that will give you an unprecedented opportunity to not only build up your existing business, but explore what was never previously in your horizon. We’re extremely proud of our creative members who have already committed to be a part of this journey, so why not take this chance to join our community? Give us a call today to book your tour.

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